When photographing children, we’re never too far, one way or the other, from experiencing cooperation or temper tantrums. Because of this, it’s important to make the most of our time during family portrait sessions. In this case study from our Lighting 101 workshop, we’ll share a quick lighting tip for capturing family portraits outside that will help you work quickly when photographing kids.

Video: On-Camera Lighting for Family Portraits Outside from Lighting 101

The Scenario

A quaint little session shooting family portraits outside in a park setting around mid-day. We started off well enough, but 20 minutes in, our little model took a tumble and hurt her wrist. After the fall…

With countless lenses to choose from on the market, we might ask ourselves, “Which one’s right for me?” While it might be nice to have every single lens out there, it’s just not practical. Often times, we find ourselves using only a few lenses for most of our work. As we begin to travel more often, we need to take versatility and portability into consideration when choosing a lens. In this video/article, I’ll be walking through a photoshoot while talking about why the Canon RF 28 70 f/2 lens is my all time favorite lens.

For more tutorials from the…

An Affordable Super-Telephoto Zoom For Sony Mirrorless

New lenses for the Sony E mount have been popping up a lot lately, both primes and zooms. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are normal or wide-angle focal lengths! The super-telephoto realm is not getting nearly as much love, not from Sony themselves, nor the numerous third parties. Thankfully, Tamron is the first third-party lens maker to break the 500mm barrier for a super-telephoto zoom. In this Tamron 150–500mm review, I will tell you exactly why you should absolutely check this lens out if you’ve been wanting to get all the way to 500mm!

To spoil the ending, if…

Black and white photographs have a whole language of their own. By removing the colors, the tones have to carry all the weight of the story. There’s no right or wrong way to edit black and white images. It’s all about personal preference and what carries the story forward. In this video/article, I’ll be showing you how to edit black and white landscape images using a unique method in Adobe Lightroom.

For more tutorials from the “Master Your Craft” series, be sure to visit AdoramaTV and check out our playlist! …

Having trouble focusing your camera? We’re often too “in the zone” or in a hurry to figure out how to focus a camera on the spot if we’re having difficulty focusing. If this happens to you, don’t panic! We’ve put together 15 possible troubleshooting ideas for when you’re having trouble focusing your camera and lenses.

Video: 15 Tips For When You’re Having Trouble Focusing Your Camera

**The above video is an excerpt from our Photography 101 Workshop.

15 Tips For When You’re Having Trouble Focusing Your Camera

  1. Have you Switched back to Auto Focus?
  2. Advanced Focusing Options
  3. Minimum Focusing Distance
  4. Viewfinder Diopter
  5. Center Focus Point
  6. Focus Assist Light
  7. High Contrast Areas in the Frame
  8. AI Servo Mode
  9. Pre-Focusing with the…

A simple and effective way to add production value to your images is through adding props. Even simple props can add additional interest as well as story to the overall scene. In this video, I’ll be walking through how to use creative photography props to level up your portraits.

For more tutorials from the “Master Your Craft” series, be sure to visit AdoramaTV and check out our entire playlist!

Video: Creative Photography Props to Level Up Your Portraits

I want to show the creative process and how an image evolves to the final version. To do this, I’ll be starting with a basic “walk-up” shot. …

The first semblance of senior portraiture appeared in the 1880s, and what a progression it has seen since. The trend became popular to document the transition between teens to adults and as a result, has since found a permanent place in portraiture. Consequently, the development of society and technology has greatly advanced this genre. We are fortunate enough to be inspired by our own community that provided us with 4 different ideas for senior pictures and examples to showcase how you can achieve these looks!

Different Ideas for Senior Pictures

  • Creative Compositions
  • Incorporate Flash for Drama
  • Showcase Talent & Personality
  • Cinematic Senior Portraits

1. Creative Compositions

This is…

Last week, we walked through how to capture an environmental shutter drag portrait. A shutter drag portrait is a portrait that uses slow shutter speeds to capture movement around a subject. We followed steps to capture a final RAW image. In this video/article, I’ll be showing you my Lightroom editing tips in this full walkthrough to the final edited image! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1 here.

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Video: Lightroom Editing Tips for Environmental Shutter Drag Portraits


When we hear overcast lighting, the first thing we think about is flat and soft lighting. Usually, this means there won’t be much detail and contrast in the environment, especially the sky. It might be easy to think that the sky is uninteresting and impossible to get a good image under these conditions. However, I want to show you that overcast days are some of the best times to capture dramatic images. In this video, I’ll be walking through how to shoot and edit dramatic clouds in overcast lighting conditions in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Video: How to Get Dramatic Clouds in Overcast Lighting Conditions

I’ll be demonstrating how to…

The shutter drag portrait is one of our defining signature style photos. What highlights the shutter drag portrait is the motion we capture around our subjects. You can do this with water, cars, lights, anything. The trick is to slow the shutter down just enough to blur the movement. What you end up with is an epic portrait that’s sure to impress. In this video/article, I’ll be walking through the long exposure settings and how to capture the perfect shutter drag portrait in 10 steps.

For more tutorials from the “Master Your Craft” series, be sure to visit AdoramaTV and…

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